Staying alive...

Bad timing, sorry.

What happened?

Well, many things! To name a few…

  • I have two side projects of iOS apps, that I’d like to bring up to the App Store. They consumed a lot of my spare time, and I learned a lot of things about Cocoa and iOS programming. I won’t blog about them… yet. I’m waiting for the App Store submission step ;)
  • Good news! Our paper about Local Binary Descriptors (BRISK, FREAK) has been officially published by IEEE TPAMI! You can find it here).
  • Obviously, lots of work: from my regular job, for a continuous education training in Image Processing that I give with a friend, got a few papers to reviews from IEEE journals…
  • I’ve gone back to an healthier way of life :)

What’s coming next?

I’ve restarted working on a Python implementation of NL-means in order to check the assertions from (hum) last year’s post. Yes, no kidding. The implementation is started to work, as you can see from this picture:


After that, I plan to make a series of posts about optical flow estimation. I will follow the first chapters of Wedel and Cremers’s book, Stereo Scene Flow for 3D Motion Analysis, because I found their approach very comprehensive. Hopefully, I will conclude the series by a Cuda implementation of our ICIP’11 paper.

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