I’ve just accessed the contact email of this blog, well, its webmail actually. I really don’t do that in a regular basis, so I found a few old old mails.

I hope you guys have found your answers by now, I know that I owe you this apology! But now I promise, I parametrized my smartphone to check this e-mail address too, so there won’t be anymore unanswered messages.

So, to answer a few:

  • I’d love to learn Python, but right now I’m 100% writing the thesis. Maybe next year I can port a few things to scikit-image ; in the meanwhile I recommend you to use OpenCV’s Python wrappers ;
  • if you don’t like dylibs, then you can build OpenCV as a static library (.a) using Cmake’s options ;
  • yes, you can thank me by offering me beers when we meet, it would be a pleasure :-p

Merry Christmas to all, especially the grad students like me who will spend their holiday rushing for their manuscript.