Radio silence

Wow ! A long period without any updates.

Here is some why’s, and also some good news about what’s in the pipeline.

A summer of crêpes

  • I’ve been on vacation :-) Abroad, hence without 3G coverage…1;
  • Vacation consequence : I’m going to blog (probably in French, but I can translate it to English if you, readers, are interested) about the Prehistory museum of Carnac (Brittany). While the menhir fields are well presented, this museum is a complete failure.

A summer of code

  • It was not an idle vacation ! Remember the previous post about Eugene Khvedchenya’s OpenCV+iOS tutorial ? I wrote an implementation of TV diffusion based on FISTA, the now standard algorithm of Beck and Teboulle. You can find the source code on my github (a bit outdated) or on Evgeny’s github (up-to-date).
  • While my iOS implementation is slow2, it parallelizes the various loops with Grand Central Dispatch 3, which is an interesting technique per se, so I’m preparing a blog post about that.

Visits !

  • We had a visit at the lab by a software specialist to deploy some GPU (CUDA) libraries, and integrate them with Matlab. As the geeky PhD student I had to do all the dirty setup-compiling-installing work, and while the outcome was clearly not what we had hoped I learned a lot of interesting things, that I’m also going to blog about (2 posts are on the schedule).
  • We had another summer visit ! Laurent Jacques from UC Louvain (Belgium) came for a couple of days. We had an interesting discussion about binary descriptors reconstruction. Laurent suggested two-and-a-half algorithm for that task. I have already implemented 1.5 of them, unfortunately without success, but I’m trying hard, so we have a breakthrough soon !

And software again !

  • On a more mundane side, the dotclear platform that powers this blog got an update during the summer, and the scheduled post publication functionality is back ! I usually write the posts in advance then program their publication. I’m relieved to come back to my usual workflow (and it should prevent long periods of silence like this summer).

What a program ! So, stay tuned, either using the blog’s feeds or on Twitter, and be sure not to miss any of these future updates !

If you’re a carrier, please take into account the fact that I do not use 3G when traveling because of the cost (and you earn 0), while I would use it a little bit with cheaper fees (let’s say 50% less than now, and you would earn something).

  1. Roaming fees are just… ^
  2. I suspect the floating-point computations and the size of t the test images. ^
  3. An Apple-backed technology for easy parallel (massively or asynchronous) programming. ^