Concurrency (without bugs) is hard!

Story of a bug that I introduced in my codebase while making it parallel.

Book review: Instant OpenCV for iOS

Disclaimer: I’ve been a reviewer for this book. About the book Some context A few months ago, I was kindly asked to review a book to-appear that was entitled Instant OpenCV for iOS, that is now available (at least as an eBook). The book is edited by Packt Publishing, where I bought a few books before, in particular two previous books about OpenCV, an introductory one (by R.

C++ lib, Cmake, Obj-C++

A quick note for something that I couldn’t find anywhere else, and that cost me a few hours (and a bunch of white hair).

Reshaping a matrix with OpenCV

A short post about the method cv::Mat::reshape(int channels, int rows).