Book review: Instant OpenCV for iOS

Disclaimer: I’ve been a reviewer for this book. About the book Some context A few months ago, I was kindly asked to review a book to-appear that was entitled Instant OpenCV for iOS, that is now available (at least as an eBook). The book is edited by Packt Publishing, where I bought a few books before, in particular two previous books about OpenCV, an introductory one (by R.

OpenCV + iOS tutorial

A short post to let you know about this interesting initiative from the blog Computer Vision Talks. The blogger (and augmented reality software developer) Eugene Khvedchenya has started a tutorial series on using OpenCV in the iOS world. This is really useful, since it can be problematic to make both worlds work together. Furthermore, CV and Image Processing people are usually not really aware of software design issues, and developing nice iOS demos of our cool algorithms can be a really painful process without this knowledge.