A simple CUDA kernel + mex file (part 2)

So, we have seen first that using Matlab and CUDA together was not always straightforward, especially on a Mac. Then, I showed a simple project to demonstrate how to do it in practice. In this post, we’re going to see how to compile this project using a Makefile. Final part : the Makefile! Overview of the compilation process Let’s recap the different steps needed to compile our mex file :

A simple CUDA kernel + mex file (part 1)

In the previous post, I introduced the various problems that I have encountered when I had to install some external CUDA library on our Mac workstations. In this post and the next, I will take a simple example (moving data from array A to array B through the GPU) to show how I finally achieved this installation process. While the application is not really useful, it demonstrates all the various tips and tricks that we applied.

CUDA : lessons from the trenches

I’ve done a lot of casual (unfortunately, non-thesis-writing related) stuff this summer, including a lot of code. Among these, we had the chance to host a software consultant during a few days, to test and deploy some CUDA codes that they had been optimizing during the last year. As the official Nerd PhD Student0 on optical flow), I was picked up by a post-doc to assist the consultant integrating their CUDA stuff on our Mac line.