Compiling OpenCV 3.0 alpha with CUDA support on MacOS X

There is a variable called CUDA_TOOLKIT_DIR in the cmake configuration. This variable is initialized by cmake with the location of the CUDA toolkit, by default /Developer/NVIDIA/CUDA-6.x/. However, this settings yields error messages in the link step, claiming that ld can’t use the CUDA directory.

The thing is, the content of this CUDA_TOOLKIT_VARIABLE variable seems to passed directly to ld. Thus, it needs to point to the actual location where ld will find the libraries to link OpenCV with, i.e., /Developer/NVIDIA/CUDA-6.x/lib (note the extra lib at the end).

VoilĂ  !

Wow, that was easy, but took me a bit of time to figure it out. Hope this will help someone else!