Computers don’t see

But we try hard teaching them.

Staying Alive…

Ooops, it’s already end of May and… the first post for 2014.

Bad timing, sorry.

What happened?

Well, many things! To name a few…

  • I have two side projects of iOS apps, that I’d like to bring up to the App Store. They consumed a lot of my spare time, and I learned a lot of things about Cocoa and iOS programming. I won’t blog about them… yet. I’m waiting for the App Store submission step ;)
  • Good news! Our paper about Local Binary Descriptors (BRISK, FREAK) has been officially published by IEEE TPAMI! You can find it here.
  • Obviously, lots of work: from my regular job, for a continuous education training in Image Processing that I give with a friend, got a few papers to reviews from IEEE journals…
  • I’ve gone back to an healthier way of life :)

What’s coming next?

I’ve restarted working on a Python implementation of NL-means in order to check the assertions from (hum) last year’s post. Yes, no kidding. The implementation is started to work, as you can see from this picture:


After that, I plan to make a series of posts about optical flow estimation. I will follow the first chapters of Wedel and Cremers’s book, Stereo Scene Flow for 3D Motion Analysis, because I found their approach very comprehensive. Hopefully, I will conclude the series by a Cuda implementation of our ICIP’11 paper.

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